2017 Digital Brisbane Salary Guide.


The data in this digital professionals salary guide has been compiled by 9 digital recruiters from JDP Brisbane who have been communicating with over 120 digital candidates per week over 48 weeks, all currently working in the Brisbane digital industry. We’re privileged to get to know them intimately enough to understand what’s expected of them in their work, and what their remuneration is for that work.

This data is as accurate as the means in which we’ve taken to get it, in other words we haven’t conducted a census report of the near 27,000 digital professionals who work in digital in Brisbane.

If you’d like a high-res version of this please don’t hesitate to ask in the comments below.


Junior – fresh to the industry or that particular ‘trade’ (up to 3 years experience), works as part a team.

Mid – 3-5 years experience. They can hold their own in most situations but will rely on seniors to help them deliver when the going gets tough.

Senior – mentor colleagues. They know the technology very well and they have a great gauge on how what they do fits into the ecosystem.

Manager – manage a team of more than 5 people. They understand the technology well but are also people managers and they have a commercial mindset. They’re responsible for project outcomes.

Jason Roulston

Co-Founder, Angel Investor, People Investor, Web Recruiter, Blogger, Trouble Maker & Young Aspiring Genius Leader.