Bullshit Recruitment Companies Tell Recruiters, So They Join


This blog was written for 6 or 7 people. This blog was also written for 3 or 4 recruitment companies, and if you think it’s not about your company, then it probably is.

THEY SAY: We’ll put you through a very thorough induction process. We’ll give you warm accounts to work on. We’ll give you a structured training plan. You’ll have many mentors in this business. It’s a certain and safe place for your career growth.


Have you ever heard the saying, “The people who were brought up with lots of money, given all the resources, shown the way to do great things in life, sometimes turn out to be bums” THEN, “The people who grew up broke, with a very broken family, had to fend for themselves, turn out to be millionaires & billionaires.”

MY POINT TODAY: In a world where there’s so many options for humans; from dating apps, to the IOT, right around to joining another recruitment company, even to setting up your own company. Yeah you can probably do that, but like this blog it’s only for a select few.

SO, WHAT DOES THIS MEAN: All the induction processes, the carefully structured training programs, the copious warm accounts.. all mean shit, unless the leaders are bringing the ruckus everyday, and are treating their employee’s like business partners and not dirty mushrooms kept in the dark.

As for a certain safe place for your career to thrive.. that’s always up to the individual. Everyone will get sick of an environment one day, so understand that picking a company is never forever, it’s about an experience you’ll enjoy while you’re there, and a place where you feel you’ll learn the most, for you and your future endeavours.

Jason Roulston

Co-Founder, Angel Investor, People Investor, Web Recruiter, Blogger, Trouble Maker & Young Aspiring Genius Leader.