Or Just Two.


A totally boring blog title, this is probably not even worth you reading it at all, no this isn’t reverse psych, this is just me testing something.

I’m testing this because last week I was asked how I found a new client of mine here in Sydney (they’re all new clients), 2 f**king awesome new hires when she was only looking for 1, and I said this; I searched for the types of people I wanted on linkedin, I wrote an aggressive / authentic note to those people, some got offended, some said no thanks, and a couple said hells yeah I want to be a part of what you’re doing… and that’s all I was going for. For as long as I live, I’ll never know why that’s such a tough strategy for some people to pull off.

So here goes, I am hiring for our JDP Sydney team…

We’re looking for people with limited sales experience. We’re looking for people that want to get rich. We’re looking for people that want to prove to their family and friends that they can make it, BIG. We’re looking for someone that is wondering how to earn six figures and not have a degree. We’re looking for people who failed school and got mostly all F’s. We’re looking for people that don’t sleep. We’re looking for people that like to show off. We’re looking for people who understand profits are better than wages. We’re looking for people that want to make a name for themselves, that’s built on winning.

Ok so that’s the aggressive bit out of the way.. if you’re still curious you’re 60% of the way there…

Hang on a minute, but what do you want from me? Well to start off, we don’t have work hours, or set holidays, because some weeks you’ll do more than 9 – 5 meeting people after work and attending networking events, and some weeks you’ll do less, and take more holidays, but almost every week naturally you’ll be reaching out & connecting with a lot of people, with one main objective – to figure out who they are, and what they’re doing. This takes time. We’ll teach you how to understand who people are, and their motives quickly, how to sum someone up from a commercial perspective, whilst moving forward with them for the win win.
Cool, so who are you, where are you and what am I signing up for here?Just Digital People are just that, and recruiters in the digital industry of Australia, some of us are technical coders, designers & online marketers, some of us are musicians, some of us play rugby or soccer or professional frizbee on the weekends, some of us blog and a few of us vlog. We mostly all like to drink socially, and travel often (it’s good to settle the mind). We believe in finding people who are naturally passionate about other good people, on the daily we encourage you to express yourself in your work and to the market place, we feel it’s about the individual and not the company, when it comes to building a brand name. (We’ll teach you this as well).
JDP Sydney are based in Surry Hills sharing offices with a creative agency called, Bullet Studios, an office that has ample sun light, polished concrete floors and exposed ceilings, it’s uber spacious with good vibes. We have pets in the offices on some days, and everyone gets along (most importantly). You’ll be given tech tools of your choice such as; a desktop computer, a mobile phone (yes the bills are paid for) and laptop + all the subscriptions of all the most networked sites in the world. Tell you about these later.
You’ll be working alongside the Co Founder of the business Jason Roulston (originally from Brisbane), and one of Sydney’s most respected digital recruiters, Nick Shepherd. We’re late 20’s early 30’s with more than half a lifetime to make dreams come true. You’ll find us very eager about our jobs and the life we have outside of it.
What does the future look like for you if you succeed at JDP? The thing about JDP is this, we know that more than likely we’re a stepping stone for your next big thing in life, don’t get us wrong the company has grown from (3) to (33) in 3 years, we’re a self funded start up business, and along the way various new jobs have been created, and multiple top performers of industry have joined us, so there’s certainly credibility and career progression with accelerated pay involved, but we’re not here to bust your chops about being here forever, people who are good recruiters tend to end up doing very well for themselves in whatever the choose to do next in life. So the future looks as bright as you see it, we’re just here to provide a creative platform for you to work hard, and be rewarded nicely. Some of our recruiters in their first 12 months made over $100,000, under 25 years of age, we think that’s pretty good.

www.justdigitalpeople.com.au – is our website.. (trick question about this site coming soon)

If you’re interested in this role.. send a 500 word email describing to me the best story of your life so far. If you have to go over 500 words, it better be a damn good story. Email: Jason@justdigitalpeople.com.au.
Thank you for your attention.

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About me: Living in Sydney, I am a 27 year old Co-Founder of one of Australia’s fastest growing ‘organically grown’ digital recruitment companies. I’m also Co Founder & Chairman in one of Australia’s hottest internet & social media marketing agencies. Neither business is looking to be acquired. Thanks.

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