Jason Roulston

Chief Trouble Maker

Jared Tredly

The Man With The Stix

Regan Roulston

The Young Web Recruiter

Dayna Dennett

The Zoo Keeper

Megan Stewart


Chuck Norris

Everything Digital


The Main Bruss

Ciaran O'Donnell

The President Of The World

Josh Wulf

The Wolf

Nick Thompson

The Crew Masseuse

Prahlad Wulf

Sponsored, YouTuber & Gamer

Thomi Keogh

The Golf Fanatic

James Farrey

The Ginger Geordie

Menante du Plessis

The One Who Makes It Happen

Nick Shepherd

The Sydneysider

Michael Viner


Harold Liu

The Harold 9000

Lauren Wilson

The Task Master

Laura Cremin

Our Irish Import

Sam Lawson

Mr. Charm

Natalia Rozycki


Arnie Harry

The Young Gun

Amie Duignan

The Sydney Local

Aisling Fogarty

The Five Leaf Clover

Jake Barros

Content King

Ebony Breen

The Digital Marketing Prodigy

Cam Asher

The Remembers Everything Guy

Raphael Laffitte

The Genius


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