What Is Interactive Beers?



The Interactive Beers Series is a once/twice a year gathering of some of the finest tech, startup, software, web and design talent in Brisbane & Melbourne – the ultimate combination of work and play. There’s no agenda, free beer and a chance to meet some fun people, but those aren’t the only reasons to attend…

5. Fine tune your networking skills

While exclusive, Interactive Beers is one of those events where there are definitely a lot of people in the room (possibly more than any other tech event in Queensland). With the drinks flowing, this will be an optimal time to work the room, meeting the who’s who of the market and learning everything you can.

4. Meet the best in the space

It’s widely known that quite a few Aussie startup founders met their to-be co-founder at past Interactive Beers events. With 400 people in the tech, web, IT, software and design space in one room, it’s easy to see why.

Every year, we’re excited to catch up with a bunch of amazing people I’ve tweeted with, but just haven’t had a chance to meet in person yet!

3. An event you won’t be spammed at

With just one 2 minute thank you presentation promised and no spammy swag, you can take confidence in knowing you’re not being tricked into heading to a disguised trade show. In fact, I’ve watched Jason Roulston (the man behind Interactive Beers Series) decline sponsorship from several big name companies, to ensure this remains an event that doesn’t have brands and logos sprayed all over it.

2. It’s on a Thursday night

This means 3 things. Firstly, you’re probably not already busy. Secondly, you’re not cutting into your weekend. Thirdly, you’ll have a day after the event to connect with all the valuable connections you made the night before (and trust me, you will make some valuable connections).

1. Free beer

This is the obvious one, but perhaps the best way to enjoy a networking event (and remove that first-meet awkwardness) is with a beer (or wine) in your hand. Take comfort in knowing the tab will be large, and the drinks will be flowing (responsibly, of course).

The truth is, I’m generally skeptical of local tech events, and Brisbane doesn’t (yet) have a wide selection of the larger-scale events we see in other major cities, but if you’re anything like me, this is one that I’d recommend you make an exception for and come along to.

I’ve known Jason Roulston for several years (he is now a business partner of mine as well as a co-owner of JMD). Jason does plenty of things well, but he is perhaps most widely known for his efforts in making BiBs a seamless, simple, low spam event, that captures the whole markets attention.

Sound like you? Hit us up here.

Jason Roulston

Co-Founder, Angel Investor, People Investor, Web Recruiter, Blogger, Trouble Maker & Young Aspiring Genius Leader.