JDPx – Australia’s most popular event (not fact checked)


Thursday 20th October… a sultry, warm evening. Knowledge in the air. The sound of excitement building in Melbourne’s suburb of Fitzroy. The excitement grew, but what were people excited for?… they didn’t know, because most Melbournians weren’t invited.

JDPx hit Melbourne for the first time on Thursday night… an invite only event where we handpicked a few Developers (around 30) who we have enjoyed talking to over the past few months. The aim of the event was to allow these Developers / Seniors / Team Leaders to join in an open forum discussion with 3 panelists who happen to be Team Leaders.

Holy shit… our brain holes actually grew with knowledge. People were chipping in left and right, views were contradicted, people laughed (mainly at my classic jokes).

The question on the mind was ‘So You’re a Senior Developer What’s Next’.

Yours truly was moderating, and shaking in my boots at the same time. The several (exactly 5) beers I drank before standing up and talking calmed these nerves.

It started off… ‘What are your policies on hiring gingers?’ General consensus, gingers are f***ed. None of the panelists would want gingers in their team. We are too pale, only come out at night which is bad for office workers and generally lack souls. *

Obviously all in good fun…

The night took a more insightful twist, we discussed the glass ceiling some Senior Developers experience. Also the fear of Seniors coming off the tools and only managing. The gender diversity issue in development (big truth bombs were dropped there). Ego’s were chatted about. How to become a great leader was touched. AWESOME ADVICE WAS GIVEN.

You’ll notice I didn’t include any of the responses from the room in there. That is on purpose, the knowledge gained in that room was to be taken away by the people attending and them only.

The night then descended into several more drinks, playing some pretty fun drinking games with some great people. It was an event personally I really enjoyed moderating, but other people seemed to love it as well.

The general feedback we have received is averaging a 9/10 score so far which is a good first attempt.

The best bit of feedback we heard was from one of the Lead Developers in the audience not on the panel. He moved from Sydney to Melbourne around 4 years ago as he was struggling to find a Lead Developer role up there to which he said… ‘’if something like this had of existed then maybe he’d be still in Sydney in a lead role’’ … timing and good advice is all it takes sometimes!

This take on a traditional Melbourne ‘meet up’ is more about asking real questions you want the answer to, so you come away with nuggets of advice you can use in your everyday grind.

Your thoughts are all much appreciated, WE WILL BE BACK soon with the next JDPx event and if you have thoughts on topics or suggestions we are all ears!

If you are interested in coming along to the next one – let me know! The topic and finer details will be confirmed closer to the time.

Much Love – Farrey

James Farrey