Office Slip-Ups: How to Recover After Calling your Boss ‘Dad’
Ever accidentally called your boss Dad before? Well here's some ways you can get past the awkward slip-up next time!

So, picture this: you’re at work, maybe a little sleep deprived before your morning caffeine fix, and suddenly you turn to your boss and slip-up by calling them “Dad”. Oops.

At this point, you can either decide to keep up the act or completely deny it.

So, here’s a few pointers on how you can defend your honest work mistake. (FYI these might also burn some bridges, so take it with a BIG grain of salt). 

1.    Play it off like it's a hip new term

If your boss begins giving you the side-eye, pretend you’re in on a new trend and act like they’re obviously out of touch with the current lingo.

Cover up your mistake at work by pretending you didn’t slip-up by adding, “Oh, you haven’t heard? Everyone knows Dad is the new slang for ‘boss’; everyone’s doing it”. Act like it’s a totally normal and reasonable thing to call them. Then watch as your boss looks at you like you’ve lost your mind.

2.    Go all in

When we say go all in, we mean it. Why just stop at once? Act like it wasn’t a slip-up by going full-on Dad mode, with Dad jokes and start referring to your boss as “Dad” at every possible opportunity. At least no one can say you lack commitment. 


3.    Blame it on autocorrect

If you’ve called your boss “Dad” via text or email—honestly, we don’t know how you could—and they’ve already seen it, then blame it on autocorrect. Tell your boss, “Sorry about that; my phone is just so weird sometimes that it autocorrected your name to Dad.” It’s a flimsy excuse, but maybe your boss will buy it.


4.    Play dumb or pretend

You can always choose to play dumb and act like you have no idea what they’re talking about. If they question it, deny it. Say, “no, why would I call you Dad?” and continue onto the next topic like it never happened. Your boss will think one of two things: you’re crazy and need help, or they really did mishear you.

Or be quick on your feet and pretend like your actual Dad is calling your mobile and head outside to take the ‘phone call’. Otherwise, if you’re outside when you accidentally call your boss “Dad” act like you spotted your father on the other side of the street (even if he’s on the other side of the world). Start frantically calling out his name before giving up because ‘he can’t hear you’.


5.    Turn it into a joke

“Whoops, my therapist said I shouldn’t refer to you as that anymore.” This might make you seem a little unhinged, but depending on your boss, they’ll either appreciate your humour or give you a concerned look and suggest you take a mental health day. Either way, at least you’re past the awkward slip-up.


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