So you're stuck in a lift with your interviewer before your interview. Here's some do's and don'ts
You've practiced your responses, donned your lucky interview attire, and pumped yourself up for the pivotal meeting. But out of nowhere, a scenario straight from your nightmares unfolds - you're confined in a elevator with the very person who holds the keys to your potential new role. Here's some Do's and Don'ts to get you through...

You've rehearsed your answers, pressed your lucky suit, and psyched yourself up for the big interview. But suddenly, the unthinkable happens - you find yourself trapped in a lift with your potential future boss before you've even had a chance to dazzle them with your qualifications. Time for a literal elevator pitch.

Never fear, we're here to guide you through this claustrophobic conundrum with some essential do's and don'ts:


  • Stay calm and avoid any visible signs of panic. Passing out from hyperventilation is generally frowned upon in interview prep.
  • Make small talk about the weather, traffic, or the architectural feat that is this ill-fated elevator. Steer clear of politics or anything too controversial.
  • Use this as a prime opportunity to demonstrate your sparkling personality and win them over with your wit and charm. Just don't try too hard - desperation is a stench that not even the best air freshener can mask.


  • Start reciting your entire resume. Save something for the actual interview!
  • Admit that you're desperately uncomfortable with confined spaces. You'll be sweating buckets before they even grill you on your greatest weaknesses.
  • Crack open that tuna sandwich you packed for lunch. Nothing kills an first impression like the reek of canned fish in a tiny metal box.
  • Repeatedly check the time and make comments about "being fashionably late." It's an interview, not a hot date (though at this rate, you may be stuck together long enough for it to qualify as both).
  • Attempt any self-affirmation rituals or arcane pre-interview dances. As uplifting as they may be, you'll only achieve a new level of awkwardness.

If all else fails, simply own the situation with humor and grace. After all, if you can survive the ultimate pre-interview test of a lift entrapment, the rest will be a breeze!

Just be grateful it wasn't your future boss AND your future ex-boss. Now that would have been a true elevator horror story.