The Relatable Struggles of Emails—Don't You Hate It When...
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Emails can bring amazing news to us, but they can also be a pain, like forgetting to attach a document to CC'ing the wrong person... It happens to the best of us, so we bet you've probably experienced at least some of these before.

Emails can be a source of amazing news, like finding out there's free food in the kitchen to getting a surprise promotion or pay rise… but it can also be a [insert your favourite adjective here] pain when it comes to the technicalities of it and the common mishaps. 

We can probably all relate to these email problems because we've all sent them, and we've all received them experiencing issues like…

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1.    Emailing in random capitalisation, having typos, or using too many exclamation marks

Ever sent 'HEllo' or ‘Thank YOu’ to your team after a long day?

Or how about putting one too many exclamation marks after a 'hope you've been well!!!' (Because really, how many is too many to include?), or the classic typo like sending 'you' instead of 'your' or spotting a painstakingly obvious error that you’ll get roasted for later and scrambling to retrieve the email in T-minus 3 seconds?

We’re guilty of being a little too eager to hit the send button sometimes, and then only 0.01 seconds later, realising the mistake… the joys of the 21st century.


2.    The classic forgetting to attach a document

If you haven't done this at least once, do you even use email? Most of the time, this will only happen when you're sending an email with an important attachment.

Does this sound familiar?

Don’t you hate it when you spend time writing up a lengthy email to your colleagues and finish it with something along the lines of:

“I’ve attached the document below.”

But once you click send, it daunts on you that you forgot to attach the one thing they needed to read—the reason why you sent the email in the first place. *Mental facepalm.

3.    Autocorrect

Autocorrect doesn’t seem as narky as it was about 5-10 years ago. We don’t know about you, but we haven't seen many of our adjectives get changed to ‘ducking’ much recently, but it can be a struggle when autocorrect—out of nowhere—tries to fix your "mistake". Especially if you're sending a quick on-the-go email to a colleague from your phone. That's when it'll get you.


4.    CC'ing the wrong person

Have two people in the office that share the same name? We don’t know what it is, but here at Just Digital People, we seem to keep attracting employees with the same names… with 2 Sophies, 2 Isabelles, and 3 Sams, so we understand the pain of CC’ing the wrong person.

And it's an honest mistake but CC’ing the wrong John in your weekly team emails—again—can be awkward.


5.    Constantly forgetting to hit the 'reply all' button

No one gets lessons on emails 101, so of course, when you're sending and receiving a million emails a day from colleagues and needing to answer to a bunch of people quickly throughout the day, hitting the ‘reply’ instead of the 'reply all' button is bound to happen.

Did we miss any? Let us know what annoying or common email errors you’ve made in the past…


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