Career Guide

Listen up, this is mega important. This will save you lots of headaches.

If you're new to the job market this will suit you perfectly. This flow chart covers all aspects of finding your next job.

1 Map the Market

You must do your home work right, expect to have a job within 2 - 3 weeks from making a move from here. Browse job boards, speak with different recruiters, go to meet up groups get a good feel from lots of people and sources before deciding. Ask why & why again? Ask what kind of work? Ask how much? Ask about who leads the place now find out what they're like.

2 Visa Status

It's very easy to google your eligibility. If you can't find what you need, any of the crew at JDP will have a specialist migration agent with years of experience, just for you to speak with about your unique situation.

3 Resume Preparation

You should make your resume fit every single application you do. There is no such thing as the perfect resume, but you can get pretty close by making your resume relevant to the job you're applying to. This takes work, so get ready to work. Don't be lazy. Research the job and buzz word match where factual.

4 Engage Recruiter

This part is easy, pick us, don't pick any other recruiter to represent you because we're the best, we're the most obsessed and we don't sleep. Test us, go to our contact page and call anyone you like, I promise you 1 in 3 will answer or you get a FREE surprise.

5 Interview Preparation

Take your time, ask lots and lots of questions about the job you're interviewing for. Use the internet, google news the company, google the full names of the people you're interviewing with, don't be lazy take the time you'll look like a boss. When you get to the interview make time to ask the golden Q, how did you get to where you are now in your career? Strokes the ego and everyone loves to feel important.

6 Negotiation

Know what you want, know the minimum you're prepared to accept in terms of money and perks, most of all focus on the people you'll be working, because its also about what you'll become doing this work. Don't engage in ping pong negotiations, you're not a house.

7 Starting Your New Job

Congratulations, you've scored a new job. It's very important that you keep your word. Stats show that in 2.3 years time you'll be looking for career progression in the same city, and you'll want to be known as reliable above all else. Get your start times and dates clear, you don't want to turn up late on your first day.

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